Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Laptop Station Humour

For the discerning, literate, sympathetic thief:

Sometimes you get a machine that really ought not to come in as a donation -- it's just too new and shiny:
...but applying some extra special Sherlock Holmes computer sleuthing skills (turning it around to the other side) solves the mystery:
...and don't forget to ask our resident tech titan Geoff how we fixed the laptop that he sent back up from the store with a note explaining "SOUND WAY TOO QUIET." (Sorry, Geoff, I couldn't resist.)


  1. Did the laptop on bottom actually work, or was it toast?

  2. Alex, it was thoroughly toast... though I have seen some awful zombie carnage actually power up and function against all odds, from smashed LCD screens to dented cases. You never know...


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