Friday, October 14, 2011

Advertising Fantasy vs. Reality

The Fantasy:

If you buy our laptop (and it would be nice if you bought our camera too), you will be transformed into a glamourous, Photoshop-perfect blonde with an exciting career that allows for copious time spent lounging on the white sands of a seaside paradise in revealing clothing.

The reality:

You will probably need to buy another laptop.

This donation is toast from top to bottom, not a scrap of it worth saving. Salt water hates electronics too much. Sorry, Loyal Customer -- your warranty is void and the sunglasses aren't included anyway.


  1. All of the internal cables might be salvageable.

  2. I dunno -- take a close look at the photo of the network card. Tons of rust and corrosion. I don't think I'd trust anything out of it.


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