Friday, February 18, 2011

New & Busted vs. Old & Boring

A cynic would say that almost everything that's donated to Free Geek can be broken into two categories: New & Busted, or Old & Boring. Meaning that if something really shiny comes in, chances are good that it won't work.

This used to be pretty shiny and now it pretty certainly doesn't work. We will never know what events befell this computer before it got to Free Geek. Hard drive failure leads to lost thesis leads to anger management crisis? Fell off a desk and under a truck? Placed too close to an MRI machine?

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  1. Smushed as it is, a number of parts can still be salvaged (and tested, of course) from a case like this: power supply (possibly), RAM, CPU, and maybe some cables. Possibly even the motherboard and video card. The chassis, however...


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